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Greetings! Students can log into our google class to get details about assignments. Please ask your student to open up our class Google Slides for more information about our assignments and class.  
If your student is just discovering that we do have assignments, I suggest that they set aside an hour each day to catch up. It would be too much to try and cram two weeks of art assignments into one day. Plus, we have time! 
I advise a student to look at the slides for the activity, then go back through one by one and follow along. Students can ask me questions. I try to respond as soon as I am notified. (Unless I am in the yard with Oliver!)
If you look at grades on Aeries, please know that we are in a flex period. Meaning that students still have time to turn in quarter four assignments. I would rather student's turn in quality work past the due date than rushed work by the 11:59 due date. :) If your student turns in an assignment, please understand that grades are not immediately posted. I wait until due dates and grade the assignment all at once. It takes time to look at students work and give feed back. I make decisions that are fair, real, and in the students best interest.
This is a challenging time for all of us.  I still expect students to follow directions and put effort into their art making. But my main hope is they can escape through our art projects and relax their mind a bit. And while I am putting 100% effort into adapting to on line teaching, I am also having to share the computer with my 4 year old!
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Jessica Guiragossian
Teacher & Department Chair