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Class overview

Business Technologies

Mr. Crain



            Welcome to Business Technologies. This class is a yearlong class. The class will give the students 10 credits to satisfy their practical arts requirement for graduation. It will also take care of their computer literacy requirement for graduation. Our goal in this class is for the students to be able to touch type (type without looking at their hands) at the rate of 35 words a minute or more on a five minute timed writing with 3 or fewer mistakes. In this class we will be using a software package published by Glencoe Publishing called KCA. Unfortunately, we only have a site license for this software so I cannot give you a copy of this software. This means that the students will only be typing in our classroom. Their work will be stored on the server in the classroom.  We will also be working with Microsoft Word. Using Word the students will learn the proper format for many different types of documents. For example a block style letter, modified block style letter, unbound report, left bound report, agenda, minutes for a meeting, table, resume, and many others.


            The foremost question you might have for me at this time is “How does my child earn their grade in this class?” First, let me say that I use a point system when it comes to grading. Every item that your student turns in will be graded on a point scale, for example, 10 out of 15 points possible. Their points will add up throughout the entire semester. Quarter one and quarter two do not average together to determine the semester grade. At this time the students are doing work sheets that cover computer hardware. The purpose of these exercises is for the students to be able to identify the parts of a computer and to have a basic understanding how a computer works. I hope after these exercises the students will be able to help you get the proper computer the next time you go shopping for one. Soon, after all of the class changes, we will start working on the computers. As your student goes through the lessons in our text book they will be given print packages to printout. The print packages will ask the students to print out ten problems from five of the lessons that they have just completed. Each of these print packages will be worth 50 points. These packages will make up the majority of the points that they will earn for the semester. The students will also be given the task of summarizing an article out of the business section of the news paper or a business magazine every two weeks. They will be required to handwrite a one page summary of the article. At the bottom of the page the student needs to show how the information they have just read will affect their life. For example, a few years ago I had a young lady read an article about gas prices. The author of the article stated that he thought gas prices would climb over five dollars a gallon. Her response was that she hoped the author was wrong because in two weeks she was turning 16 and if gas increases to  five dollars a gallon her parents would not let her drive very much. However if gas went back down to two dollars a gallon she would be allowed to drive more.  On occasion the students will take a test/quiz regarding the information that they learning in the text. As the class becomes more proficient with the letter formats the students will be composing letters to their family, teachers, and administrators here at Santa Fe. These are the items with which the students will earn their grade.


            In order to give the students every opportunity to be successful in my class I give them the chance to turn in late work for full credit all the way up to December 4th for the first semester. However, I will not take work after December 3th, even if they are in the hospital. If they are in the Hospital, they need to find someone else to get their work turned in on time. The deadline for semester two will be in May 19th. The date will be announced in class at a later time.  I also give the students the chance to do 10 extra credit articles (just like the regular bi weekly articles) for up to 100 points of extra credit per semester. Those extra credit articles need to be turned in by the Dec. 3th/ May 19th deadlines.


I hope that through this class each student acquires skill and knowledge of the computer and of the computer software used. Please feel free to contact me at 562-698-8121 ext. 4359 or with any questions or concerns you might have throughout the year.