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Santa Fe High School

Sylvia Mahlstede

Business Finance is a class in personal financial literacy.  It's for seniors and an A through G approved 1 year Math course.  Topics covered are Checking, Saving, Credit, College, Loans, Budgeting, Investing, Financial Pitfalls, Career, Taxes, Insurance, Entrepreneurship, Starting a Business, Alternatives to College, Military Careers, Trade Schools.  Basically all the PRACTICAL skills that everybody needs.  All my Content is on Google Classroom.
Intro to Algebra is a support class for Freshman that struggle with math.  With the help of AMAZING volunteer mentors, we focus on basic skills, homework, and techniques for improving test scores.  That means STUDY (especially at home)!  Intro is also a 1 year course and students earn 10 Elective Credits.
It is important to always log in to all school related platforms with your wuhsd email.  (ie Google Classroom, Zoom, etc)
Feel Free to contact me anytime @ or (562) 698-8121 ext 4120.  Room C1
Cell Phone (562) 380-1031
Period Class GC Codes
1 Business Finance 257llia
2 Business Finance bcvujg4
3 Intro to Algebra rwlavqi
4 Business Finance 7evotip
5 Business Finance xmf46an
6 Business Finance a3ju4bo