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Santa Fe High School

Mrs. Acosta Mata

This year is going to be a challenge. I was really hoping to teach face to face this fall and I think you may have been hoping to attend classes on site. You miss your friends and school activities.  However, this is our reality. The good thing is that we have had a chance to prepare and learn from last spring. It will not be perfect and it is easier to teach and learn in person. But I  know that with respect and patience we will get through this semester and this school year.  
What you need to know is that I will be posting all your assignments in Google classroom.  I will post links to the different platforms we will be using in Google classroom. I will only post announcements in the stream, for example your agendas and platform codes will be in the stream.  All of your assignments will be posted to classwork. Please do not post in the stream.  Turn your assignments into Google classroom's classwork tab.If you have questions or concerns contact me through remind, email or voicemail. Do not put your questions in the stream or on assignments.  I may not see them and you may not get a response from me in a timely manner. 
Here is to a new year!!!      Make everyday count!!   Stay strong!! 
Aileen Acosta Mata