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Santa Fe High School

Ms. Pondella's assignments

Period Class Assignments
Please complete all notes and questions on google docs and submit in google classroom
Ch. 8 Section 1 & 2 reading notes (Cornell or Focus notes) & answer questions 1,2,3 a,b at the end of section 1 & 2 reading. Due Wed 3/18, Thurs 3/19.
Ch. 8 Section 3 reading notes & questions 1,2,3 a,b.  Due Friday 3/20
Complete the Budgeting module for Everfi, Due 3/20 (you don't have to email this to me, I will check it online).
Ch. 11 Sec. 1 Cornell or Focus Notes & questions 1,2,3a,b. Due 4/1 or 4/2.
Ch. 11 Sec 2 Cornell or focus notes and questions 1,2,3a,b Due 4/3 or 4/4
Ch. 11 Sec 3 Cornell or Focus Notes & questions 1,2,3a,b Due 4/7 before 9am. Please Turn all of C11 in on google classroom.
Have a nice weekend.
Everfi:  Consumer Skills Due 4/3.
Due 4/14/2020 5pm on google classroom 
1)Cornell or Focus Notes for Chpt.: The Role of Government 12 Section Review Questions 1,2,3a,b for each section.
2) Everfi: Credit & Debt module.(this doesn't need to be on google classroom, I can see on Everfi's webpage)
Please complete work on google doc and submit in google classroom
Harlem Renaissance 1 Pager Due 3/17
Complete the Packet (handed out Fri 3/13) (Due Fri 3/20).
Reading assignments C27 & 28. Due 3/19
C29 Reading due 3/31
Book assignment: read and answer the questions on pages 692-3 and 696-7. Due 3/31
AP CENTRAL assessment Unit 7.
Due Tue 4/7.  
AP CENTRAL all time periods are unlocked for you to review for the AP TEST.
The Turning Points in US History Due 4/28 at 8:00am will be counted as an extra credit assignment.
1). Debating the Past: The ? of Pearl Harbor read & answer the questions using CER Pgs. 700-1. The answers to questions 2 & 3 should each be at least 1/2 page long & contain a clear Claim, historical Evidence & your Reasoning.  Due 4/3
2). Consider the Source: The Face of the Enemy analyze the cartoons & complete the test practice pgs. 710-11 Due 4/3
1) CERs pg. 718-19 Patterns of Popular Culture, Life: The Great Magazine; 728-29 Debating the Past: The Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb.  Each answer should be a least 1/2 long & include a clear Claim, historical Evidence, your Reasoning why or how the evidence supports you claim.  Due 4/7/2020 by 5pm. Please turn in on google classroom.
2) Ch.30 Guided Reading or Notes. Due 4/7/2020 by 5pm. Please turn in on google classroom.
Due 4/14 by 5pm on google classroom
1) Chpt. 31 Guided Reading or Notes
2) CERs pg. 736-7 Origins of the Cold War; 750-1 McCarthyism; 756-7 On The Road; 768-9 Lucy & Desi; 788-9 The Civil Rights Movement; 794-5 Vietnam
Stay strong and healthy, I hope you all have a beautiful day.
PS.  I'm steadily learning google classroom, please have patience with me.  I'm hoping to be much better by next week.