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Santa Fe High School

ASB Executive





Hello Chieftains and Welcome back on campus! Even in these first few weeks of the new school year we have already attended our very first dance, had our school wide Club Rush and probably some major test! I hope you all have made a smooth transition as we come back to school after more than 20 months of being virtual. Walking the halls allows me to become motivated by the drive and excitement that radiates from you all. We are excited to keep this momentum going with some major events that are coming up soon! Starting with our first Spirit Week of the year starting September 27th to October 1st. The theme is verses and the days are as follows: 

Monday (9/27) - Dodgers vs. Angels

Tuesday (9/28) - DC vs. Marvel

Wednesday (9/29) - Country vs. Country Club

Thursday (9/30) - Crocs with socks and Birkenstocks

Friday (10/1) - Dress to Impress vs. Unimpressed

We are excited to see you represent your side! Show us your school spirit by participating in our days and posting on social media to spread the word! 

We also have our trip to Wonderland coming up! Want to join? Come purchase your ticket to our Wonderland Homecoming Dance coming up October 16th. With professional decorations, elite lighting and yummy food our tickets go on sale October 4th! On October 4th and 5th prices are $50 with an ASB card and $60 without. October 6th and 7th prices are $60 with an ASB card and $70 without. Lastly, October 11th and 12th will be $75 for all students. Remember, to ensure our safety a negative COVID test taken at least 48hrs prior to the dance is required for entrance. 

We have many more fun and inclusive events coming up very soon so keep an eye out by joining our ASB Events google classroom using the code tynilrk. Doing so will ensure that you are one of the first to get information regarding all our events, day activities and updates on campus. 

Once again we are so excited to be back and ASB will always have your back. Remember to keep your grades up as working hard now will help you in the near future. See you soon Chieftains!


Chloe Blackburn

ASB President