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Santa Fe High School

ASB Executive

Hello, Chieftains! 

As we begin the last quarter of our school year, it's time to enjoy the last bits of our quarantine life and get ready to move forward. With exciting new events and the opportunity to return to school, we can't wait to get our Chieftain back into the swing of things.  


April Spirit Week 

Join us in participating in our April Spirit Week from the 12th through the 16th. The days include: 

  • Monday: Spring Break Expectation Vs. Reality 
  • Tuesday: Family Tuesday ( post a picture of you and your family)
  • Wednesday: Artist Wednesday (wear an outfit inspired by your favorite artist)
  • Thursday: 90's Throwback Thursday ( wear your 90's inspired outfits) 
  • Friday: Black and Gold (wear black and gold to class) 

Make sure you post on your Instagram tagging SFHS to be featured, or post to our ASB events google classroom. Code: hvsm3sa.  


Earth Day Events

Get ready to appreciate this place we call home! Santa Fe will be planning a three-day event dedicating our time to being kinder and more sustainable towards our planet. With potential speakers, fun challenges, and interactive games, join us in honoring our world we work hard to sustain today. 


Going Back to School 

As we start the first phase in getting back to school, we must take the appropriate steps to create a safe environment for our Chieftains. Students are allowed to return back to classes only on their assigned day of the week. This information can be found through the student's Aeries portal under Student Info > Scheduling Group. When returning, make sure you follow the designated path of travel on campus, adhering to social distancing protocols and wearing your mask at all times. We look forward to seeing some of you on campus!


We wish you all the best stay safe, Chieftains! 


Take Care, 


Chloe Blackburn

ASB Speaker of Congress