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Summer School 2023

Summer Office Support Team: 
  • Summer Administrator - Troy McNabb x4038 
  • Summer Clerk - Alyssa Trujillo x4041
  • Materials - Morena Gutierrez x4020

Summer School Questions? 

Check the FAQ below or contact the Curriculum Office at 562-698-8121 x 4020 (please leave a message).


Do students need to attend classes every day?

  • Yes, students are expected to attend/participate every day that summer school is in session.  (See schedule above for dates and times)


Can students take more than one summer school class at a time? 

  • 10th-12th grades - No, each class is scheduled between the hours of 8:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. daily.  As hours would overlap, students are not allowed to take more than one course at a time.  They may take a second course during the second session. Each session would earn 5 credits with successful completion.
  • 9th grade participants will take 2 courses (am/pm) each 3-week session: Study Skills, Intro to Bio, Math Standards Review and English Standards Review: These freshman courses will span a 3-week period both morning and afternoon. 


Who should students contact if they are in need of tech support?

  • Go to, the Resources tab, select Student and you will see Chromebook FAQ as the last choice.
  • If you need additional support for a District issued Chromebook you may call 562-907-6998 from 8am to 2pm Monday – Friday.


Who do students contact if they need to borrow a textbook, Chromebook, or other required supply?

  • Contact the curriculum office at x 4020.


How do entering 9th graders access their classes (Google Classroom)? 

  • Entering 9th graders will be provided with their email and login information, technology and course supplies.


How do I access my class Google Classroom? 

  • Open your web browser - Chrome preferred
  • Go to
  • If asked to log in, use your WUHSD student email and password
    • If you do not see the course you are looking for, click on the + icon at the top right and select Join class
    • Enter the class code provided by your teacher and click Join
    • This will only be done once to join the class
  • Once logged in, select the course you are looking to access from those on the home page.
  • Once in the Google classroom, be sure to read all announcements and postings in the stream. 
How do I check summer course requests/assignments?
  • Using a COMPUTER not a phone app, Log into the summer portal:
  • Click Classes
  • Select Classes again, please note the TRM - 1 = 1st Session, 2 = 2nd session, Y = both sessions.