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Santa Fe High School

Sample Topics & Fieldwork



Social work

Volunteered working with foster children at a day care center


Volunteered at news station and created a video of school activities

Computers in education

Designed lesson plans and taught 3rd graders how to use computers to write stories

Interior design

Redecorated girls bathroom on campus

AIDS and adolescents

Arranged for display of four AIDS quilt panels and presentation

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Created brochure, translated information into Spanish and presented to pregnant women; conducted class in clinic on FAS

Folk Art

Made a quilt by hand

Art forms not totally accepted by society

Bonded a bike frame in low rider style and then entered bike frame in competition

Positive impact Hip Hop has made on American culture

Wrote, created and produced two Hip Hop shows @ community center. Screened participants, led rehearsals, advertised to promote show.

Special needs of preschool children

Volunteered at day care center (special needs); led arts and crafts, p.e., served on yard duty, assisted brother in daily activities, taught brother musical instrument

Sword represents the soul of the Japanese Samurai

Constructed own sword

Public schools not meeting needs for students of special education

Learned American Sign Language, taught fifth graders

Kickboxing as form of self-defense

Enrolled in kickboxing class, entered a tournament

Chinese Art

Produced large patterned vase done in the Ming tradition


Produced an original music video


Raised and trained a service dog

Speech Aphasia

Worked with a stroke victim

Physical conditioning

Developed and implemented training program

Olympic swimming

Coached at the city swim club


Painted a portrait, landscape, etc. in a particular artists style


Volunteered at Long Beach Aquarium

The following subject areas present difficult challenges in finding either adequate research material or crafting suitable and challenging fieldwork that relates to the research paper.
  • Animal Shelters
  • Body Art
    • Piercing
    • Tattooing
  • Capital Punishment
  • Coaching (sports, arts, etc.) Note: Coaching must be done at grade levels lower than high school--No Santa Fe or other high school teams are allowed. Coaching individuals is also no longer acceptable (this includes any work done in the Santa Fe weightroom).
  • Computer Animation
  • Entrepreneur
  • Firefighting
  • Hip Hop (dance, music, art, etc.)
  • Law Enforcement
  • Medical Fields
    • Coroner
    • EMT
    • Hospital Work
    • Mental Health
    • Physical Therapy
  • Restaurant Work
  • Satanism
  • Social Work
    • Adoption
    • AIDS Project
    • Chemical Dependency
    • Foster Care
    • Teen Pregnancy
Frequently, these various fields present the following barriers to completing fieldwork:
  • Access to publishing outlets
  • Age
  • Confidentiality issues
  • Controversial topic
  • Application process/waiting lists
  • Fingerprints
  • Language barriers
  • Legal requirements
  • Realistic time commitment
  • Training