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Santa Fe High School

Senior Projects » Phase I The Research Paper

Phase I The Research Paper

CP1 Honor Statement
  • The Honor Statement is a form that describes what plagiarism is and is signed by both parent/guardian and student to agree not to plagiarize.
CP2 Proposal Form
  • The Proposal Form is a document typed by the student proposing what he/she will write about in the research paper and what he/she will do for fieldwork. It is reviewed and approved by the Senior Project Committee.
CP3 5 Required Sources (2 types); 5 source cards
  • 5 Required Sources: students must present the physical sources (e.g. books, photocopies, or articles printed from the Internet) on the day of the checkpoint. 
    • All eLibrary sources count as what they were in their original format.
  • 5 Source Cards: author, title and copyright information written on a 4x6 card in correct MLA format for each source
CP4 20 Data Cards and Corresponding Source Cards
  • Research from sources written on 4x6 cards in correct MLA format
CP5 25 More Data Cards (45 total) and Corresponding Source Card
CP6 Outline
  • Research organized according to controlling ideas and supporting details  
CP7 Draft 1 and submission to the website
  • The first full draft of the paper and works cited page typed in correct MLA format
  • Students must also upload the paper onto, a website that checks for grammar mistakes and plagiarism issues.
CP8 Draft 2 (final copy) and submission to the website
  • This draft reflects completed corrections/edits suggested by Senior English Teacher on Draft 1. It is then submitted for a format test; if it passes, it will be sent to the judges for final evaluation. The papers are evaluated by an outside panel of judges, not the Senior English teacher. The papers are read a minimum of two times in order to arrive at a common score.