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Santa Fe High School

Senior Projects » Phase II The Fieldwork

Phase II The Fieldwork

CP1 Honor Statement; Liability Release Form
  • The Honor Statement is a form that describes what plagiarism is and is signed by both parent/guardian and student to agree not to plagiarize. The Liability Release Form addresses District policy regarding fieldwork and is signed by both parent/guardian and student.
CP2 Proposal Form
  • The Proposal Form outlines the student's intent to pursue a particular research paper and fieldwork topic. The form must be read and approved by the Senior Project Committee before the student can begin research or fieldwork.
CP3 First 5 Fieldwork hours on Google Site
  • The Google Site is created in class and will have the following pages: Overview, Research Paper, and Fieldwork.
  • The Fieldwork page must include a minimum of two entries with pictures - student must be actively working in at least one picture per entry.
  • The student's Google Site is shared with the Senior English teacher via Google Classroom and/or Google Form.
CP4 All 15 Fieldwork hours on Google Site (with the 3 pages listed above); Fieldwork Timeline; artifact/product (if applicable)
  • This is a final record of the student's 15 or more Fieldwork hours. Students must include pictures that show them ACTIVELY participating in the tasks described in the entries.
  • The Fieldwork Timeline is a time card of the student’s hours signed by the student and parent.
  • The artifact/product shows completed fieldwork (e.g. audience verification forms, lesson plans, certificates of completion, awards, performances, presentations, or physical projects).