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Guidance Info » 2021-2022 Course Request Adjustments

2021-2022 Course Request Adjustments

Hey Chieftains, 
Please use this form if you feel your course requests for next year are incorrect. Below would be some of the reasons for adjustments:
• You have a duplication of classes
• You are placed in an incorrect level
• You have “See Counselor” on your schedule
• NO teacher requests, period changes or electives changes will be made.
All Course Request changes need to be requested by June 25th.

Please use this form, as counselors WILL NOT make adjustments through email communication. Please note, course request adjustments will be made based on master schedule availability. Counselors do not work daily throughout the summer and appreciate your patience.
BAND/COLOR GUARD: Rosters will be updated in a few weeks.  Please be patient. 
CHOIR: Rosters will be updated in a few weeks.  Please be patient. 
ATHLETICS: If you are planning on playing a sport and it is not currently on your roster, you coach will provide a roster later in the summer.  You can contact coaches here: Athletic Directory
HP/AP Summer Coursework:  Please use this link for any summer assignments: Summer Assignments: HP/AP/AVID
FRESHMEN: All Honors (HP) & Advanced Placement (AP) course requests will be added by mid-July. Once they are added, the Curriculum Office will reach out to you.  Please note that due to the interruption caused by the COVID19 stay at home orders, we will not be offering an honors level Algebra 1 course during the 2021-2022 school year.
You will need to sign into Aeries using your computer to view.  Course Requests are not visible on the Aeries App