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Opportunities During COVID Closures

Make your College Apps Stand Out During COVID Closures
Confused on how you can make your extracurriculars stand out on your college apps during quarantine? This is your time to be creative! Think about your interests or major and brainstorm some virtual ideas to boost your extracurriculars.
Here are some ideas:
  • Continue your club meeting virtually over Zoom or Google Meet
  • Learn a new language! I personally like Duolingo (it's free) and it's a fun way to learn a new language
  • Start a YouTube Channel to teach your favorite subject
  • Self-publish an ebook
  • Sell products online
  • Volunteer to do social media marketing for non-profits
  • Create a social media page and focus on your interests. For example: If you are interested in art, start an Instagram page, and dedicate it to your artwork! You can then include your Instagram handle on your college apps to show off your work
Everything you post on the internet is not private! Be professional! Some colleges have a moral/ethics clause in their acceptance letters. If you do something inappropriate, your acceptance could be taken away. 

Virtual Volunteering Opportunities

  • United Nations: Help the UN with human rights projects | Website
  • Food Oasis Los Angeles (FOLA): Help research food sources for communities in Los Angeles and contribute to the launch of a website | Website
  • Translators Without Borders: Help translate for human rights projects | Website
  • Catch A Fire: Find different ways to support non-profits & community organizations | Website
  • Do Something: Find ways to support the causes you care about | Website
  • Points of Flight: Find different ways to support non-profits & community organizations | Website
  • Teens Give: Tutor children | Website
  • Find volunteering opportunities with non-profits and community organizations. | Website
  • VolunteerMatch Virtual Volunteering Opportunities: Find virtual volunteering opportunities with non-profits. | Website