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Santa Fe High School

Community College To Do List

College Bound - Assabet Valley Regional Technical High SchoolIf you plan on going to college for degree or certificate, there are a few steps you must complete and I would like for you to all have this done BEFORE we get back.
1. Complete your FAFSA (Finanicial Aid) Application
2. Apply to your Community College of choice
3. Complete your online orientation on the community college website.
4. Apply for DSPS (Only Cypress has an online application)
I want to help you all get this list done, so please join me on Remind ASAP!


Form Your Future
I know these times are STRANGE, but life will go on! It is time to work on preparing for the future, not time to sit and do nothing. Take charge of your time and use it wisely. I am here to help. Please reach out! 
Image result for remind logoPlease join my remind. I would love to stay in contact with you all!