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Santa Fe High School

Santa Fe Hosts Annual Parent Education Day

Santa Fe High School on Oct. 26 hosted over 200 parents and students for its annual Parent Education Day, during which participants learned how to support their teens on their journeys through high school and toward college.

Launched in 2003, Parent Education Day provides Santa Fe High parents with information on how to help their children succeed. Parents may attend up to three, 45-minute workshops on a variety of topics.

Led by a team of counselors, teachers and community agencies, the 13 workshops covered such topics as community college options, financial aid, career mapping and planning, vaping and substance abuse, anger management, interpreting student’s moods and the college application process. The program also featured a principal’s forum.

“We constantly strive to engage our parents, make sure they understand the challenges their children may be facing and provide them the resources to help the teens overcome those obstacles to personal and academic success,” Principal Craig Campbell said. “Our teachers, counselors and staff have been critical to this program’s success, and I want to thank them and our parents for supporting the achievement of all students.”