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Santa Fe High School


Welcome to the Santa Fe High School's
AP/Honors Program
It is no longer possible to make changes to your 2022 AP exam registration.
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Welcome!  On this page you will find contact information as well as information about the Santa Fe AP/Honors program. Click the links at the right for more information such as:
AP Test Registration
Signups for the 2022 AP Tests took place when you signed up for AP Classroom in your AP class.  The window to change your AP exam registration is now closed.  If you have questions about your registration, please email Mr. Stratton.
AP Test Cost/Payments
This year, the cost for each AP test is $76*, or $5 for those who qualified for the reduced fee using the income qualification survey during data confirmation.  Please see this link for additional information.
If you have any questions, or if you are interested in taking an AP test for a course not offered at SFHS, please contact Mr. Stratton ASAP for more information.  Email him at