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Welcome to the Guidance Office
Santa Fe High School's Guidance Team strongly supports the academic performance, career development and personal growth of each student. Our goal is to assist students in their pursuits and to support them in the decision making process. We are committed to creating an atmosphere of encouragement so that each student is empowered to set and pursue goals as they prepare for their futures.

Telephone (562) 698-8121 ext. 4030 or 4031
Fax (562) 907- 6980
Maria Sanchez, Theresa Timm, Claudia Torres, Paul Wise
Belen Martinez-Lopez, Lisa Ramirez-Hollingshead, Rick Nakashima, Cheryl Redgate, Brooke Bixler
Assistant Principal of Guidance, Counseling, & Attendance
Mr. Paul Wise ext. 4030

Guidance Office




Brooke Bixler

(A-Co)             ext. 4039
(Cp-Ha)           ext. 4034


(Hb-Mora)           ext. 4028


Belen Martinez-Lopez
(Morb-Roj)        ext. 4037


(Rok-Z)    ext. 4033


Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Elizabeth Leal, ext.4070

School Psychologist


Kristin Borzi, ext. 4038

Dean of Students 


George Rodriguez, ext. 4036



Claudia Torres, ext. 4050


Maria Sanchez, ext. 4030

Theresa Timm, ext. 4031


Attendance Coordinator


Catalina Ayala,   ext. 4042

Attendance Clerks 

Yavel Sarabia,   ext. 4040

Gabriela Cisneros, ext. 4041


College Coordinator / Career Center Director

Aileen Corona, ext. 4056

Ed Cantu, ext. 4178


School Resource Officer 


Steve Garcia, ext. 4377

Probation Officer

Daniel Monarrez, ext. 4378


Transcript request between years 1955 to 2000:
Mail attached request to Santa Fe High School.
Please allow 5 to 7 working days for processing and mailing of records.
Transcript request after year 2001:
Mail attached request with picture ID to Santa Fe High School.
Please allow 5 to 7 working days for processing and mailing of records or
go online to to make an electronic request through a third party.