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I.D. Card Policy

Santa Fe High School I.D. Card Policy
Santa Fe High School is committed to maintaining a safe and secure campus for all. It is therefore, necessary at this time, for students, staff, and visitors to wear identification.

All students must wear a Santa Fe High School ID at all times while on campus. ID cards must be clearly visible and located above the waist.

Students who lose / deface their ID or come to school without it, must purchase a new ID at a cost of $5.00 from the B&A office. Students who have not paid within one weeks time will be assigned to Saturday School in addition to remitting payment.

Students who refuse to wear their ID cards, while at school are subject to the following:
  • 1st offense Parent notification (in writing)
  • 2nd offense Student assigned Saturday School
  • 3rd offense Student serves one day of inhouse suspension & parent notified
  • 4th offense Student suspended out of school and a parent conference will be required (contract signed)
  • 5th offense Student will be transferred to another school in the Whittier Union High School District