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Santa Fe High School

College-Bound Students Celebrate with Signing Days

Hundreds of students from Whittier Union’s three AVID schools celebrated an important next step toward achieving their academic pursuits during College Signing Day on April 26, establishing their commitment to continue their education at a university, community college, the military or vocational school.
Clad in college apparel and smiling ear-to-ear, Titans, Chiefs and Cardinals from Pioneer, Santa Fe and Whittier high schools signed banners of the colleges and universities they will attend in the fall, inspiring crowds of cheering underclassmen.
“We want to celebrate all of our seniors who are making plans for the future, whether that’s joining the military or heading to a four-year university. They have come a long way and we are proud to cheer them on,” said Lilia Bozigian, principal of Pioneer High, which was recently named an AVID National Demonstration School for cultivating a college-going learning environment and increasing the number of students who enroll in four-year colleges.
An AVID National Demonstration School since 2001, Santa Fe High held its second annual College Signing Day for students, who held college banners and signs emblazoned with declarations such as “Making My Dream a Reality,” “First Gen College Student” and “College, Here I Come.”
“Deciding where they’re going to college is very exciting,” said Craig Campbell, principal of Santa Fe, an AVID school for over 20 years. “All of our kids deserve recognition for their academic achievements and the hard work they have put in to get to this point.”
At Whittier High’s inaugural College Signing Day, students signed and listed the colleges they will be attending on a poster that read “I’m going to college, but I’ll always be a Cardinal.”
“College is an option, and exposing students to the possibilities of what awaits them is truly empowering to our underclassmen who might not think about the opportunities available,” Principal Timothy Liggett said. “We want our students to attend and graduate college and be proud of their accomplishments.”
Like each of District’s high schools, the three AVID schools promote college readiness and provide programs and resources to help students attend a four-year university. The schools use AVID strategies schoolwide and work to close the achievement gap by offering college tours and counselor visits, providing scholarship and financial aid information, and partnering with local colleges to give students college and career advisement.
“For many years, it has been a tradition to host a ceremony honoring our student-athletes as they commit to their future colleges and universities,” Superintendent Martin Plourde said. “We find it equally important to celebrate all students and their commitment to accessing higher education. These events are a public display of their achievements and our support for them, while also demonstrating to underclassmen that they have the potential, skills and drive to go to reach their dreams.”