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Santa Fe High School

Mrs. Lauber's Classroom Homepage

Mrs. Lauber's classroom is the place to find all of your assignments and handouts as a DIGITAL LEARNER. She realizes that many handouts get whisked away by a strong wind or eaten by a domestic animal with an insatiable appetite, so she has posted all you need on this page. Please click on email button to the right to reach her with any questions.
Please submit all work to Mrs. Lauber prior to the next class period. You may email typed work or a picture of your handwritten work. Whatever makes sense for you! But none of this, "My dog ate it!" business!
When you find your class/period to the right, it links directly with google classroom. That is where you will find your daily assignments. Please watch the video, read the article and/or submit any work as soon as it is completed.
Hope you all are doing well. May the force be with you. :)