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Need extra help? Come to Saturday School. Occasionally I will host a Saturday school in which concepts are retaught, more practice opportunities, and additional teacher and peer support are provided. These classes are open to all chemistry students and begins at 8 a.m. and last until 12 p.m. See schedule below for past and upcoming dates.
Semester 2
May 18th
May 11th
April 13th
February 16th
January 19th
Chemistry & math tutorial are available in my classroom Fridays after school from 3-4:30. If minimum day on Friday, I will have tutorial immediately after school.    
  • Homework Assignments are expected to be completed even though they are not weighed in any grading category.  These homework assignments are assigned to support a student's learning of content learned in class.
  • Retakes for quizzes are available to all students.  To retake quizzes, students must complete assigned homework, and meet with the teacher to demonstrate comprehension.  Retakes are given at the discretion of the teacher (based on student comprehension).
  • Participation in Lab Investigation.  Occasionally, lab investigation opportunities are provided to students.  Students who participate in lab investigations automatically get partial lab credit.  Participation is defined by answering correctly a set of reflection questions presented towards the end of the lab investigation during the allotted class time. 
  • Missed lab investigation.  Students who miss lab investigation are given one week to complete lab during after school tutorial.  No credit after one week.
  • Late blog response. No credit given.  
  • Late completion of reading assignment. No credit given.
Student Resources
For lectures or other videos associated with the class checkout my YouTube channel by clicking above.
YouTube Video: