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Welcome to Mr. Ferkin's Website



Assignments Up and Running on

Hello Students,
Thank you for checking in here.  Online assignments have begun and distance learning for our class is functioning (get it...function...math concept :)).  We are using primarily Google Classroom and our textbooks online homework platform to still have class while we are apart.  So check in on Google Classroom for all of the directions.  Links to your periods Google Classroom page are here on this site.
If you have a personal issue with having a computer to use, please message me privately and I will be able to help with that.

An Update from Mr. Ferkin regarding the Coronavirus Dismissal

Hello Students,
What an interesting and somewhat unsettling turn of events. I don't think any of us, including me, had any idea school and many parts of life were about to be interrupted like this. You are probably wondering what is next?... for school in general and our math class in particular. To be totally honest...I am wondering that too. When school started last Friday I had no idea that school would be cancelled. I am working to figure out the best way for us to have math class....but not in person. You will have to be a little bit patient. I expect to have more answers by Monday night. For now you'll have to wait to get some instructions me. As soon as I have made some decisions, I'll share then with you. Please make sure you check here on Google Classroom and your school email for messages and directions. You will hear from me again Monday night. I will use Remind to point people to messages here on Google Classroom. I'll be happy when I am in front of you again in class. We'll do our best until that day comes.
Mr. Ferkin