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AP review sessions this week

We will be having zoom meetings Monday through Thursday this week at 10 AM


Here is your final EXAM FOR APUSH!!!  Please complete the ap dbq I just opened up on  AP Classroom.  Use the Rubric which I posted on a previous post here on my site.  The Topic:  Slavery and Sectionalism.  Be sure to follow the new guidelines for this year's AP test as this is how you will be graded.  There are six documents on my test, but you can choose the five that you want to use.  Be sure to connect all of you documents directly to you argument and also analyze two pieces of outside evidence.  Don't forget to hip.  Due Date:  Sunday May 10th at Midnight.  500 Points.

Week of 4/27/2020

This week we will continue our review for the APUSH Test.  Unit IV will be the focus which covers the years 1800-1854.  The assignment has been posted to Google classroom and our Zoom Meetings for the week will be MWF at 1000 am.


This week we will be covering Period 3 of the APUSH Test (1754-1800)  Please take a look at the Information attached (DBQ test format and grading rubric, sample DBQ on the American Revolution and test schedule for 2020)
Monday:  1000-1100
Wednesday:  1000-1100
Friday:  1000-1100

Week of April 13th, 2020

Hello Everyone!  This week we will start of with your Unit VII test.  You can find it by accessing your ap central account like you have done before.  Unit VII covers Imperialism, The Progressive Era, WW I, the 1920's, The Depression and WW II.  The test is open book and open note and there is no time limit.  It will be worth 300 points and is due Thursday, April 16 at midnight.  For the last half of the week, we will begin our APUSH review in preparation for the AP Test in May.
1st Period AP Central Join Code: 
5th Period AP Central Join Code:

Week Of April 6th, 2020

This week you will be taking notes on The Cold War and the 1950's.  On Friday, we will also have a test on the Great Depression, The New Deal and World War II, as well as some questions covering the Cold War and 1950's.  Details on the test to follow.  The notes will be posted online later today.  Nest week we will begin our review sessions for the APUSH TEST in May.

APUSH Assignment for Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

Today you will be taking notes on World War II from a Powerpoint that I narrated for you.  Please take notes Cornell style.  When finished, you should begin work on the Periodization Sheet on WW II.  Feel free to work with one another on this.  IMPORTANT:  We will be holding our first Google Meet on Friday, April 3rd at 9 AM.  It is very important that we all stay connected during this stay work from home time period.  We will be reviewing the ideas you should have learned so far in Unit VIII and we will also go over our WW II homework assignment.  Heads up, there will be a short answer quiz next Monday. It's also important that you keep up with the work I've been assigning.  If you have an issue that has interfered with your ability to get the assignments done, please let me know asap.