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Santa Fe High School

Bonjour & Hola de Mme Teraoka

Speaking another language opens doors and windows
through which you can learn about the world, others, and yourself.
French and Spanish are international languages spoken by many, many people all around the world, so you will have opportunities to learn about diverse cultures too.  
It can be a fun, exciting journey and I love sharing this with students.  
French is my native language but I also speak English, Spanish, some Japanese and I also read Latin, so my approach has been enriched by the many experiences I have had as a language learner.  
Get ready to sing, move, read poems, create and illustrate stories, act in plays,...  
I hope mine is a class you will remember with joy for the rest of your life!  
Please check your Google Classroom Page
for new assignments.
Spanish 1
French  Periode 5