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Advisor/Head Coach: Karina Caravantes
I am a Santa Fe High School Alumni and a 4 year DT member. When I first tried out for the team I just wanted to try something new that I’ve never done before and once making the team I instantly feel in love with the hobby. While on the team I was also involved in other clubs and activities such as Avid, Chieftain Friends, Black and Gold Nation, and Spanish Honor Society. Shortly after my first year on dance team I started to branch out into the hip hop dance community. I joined teams like Future Shock LA during my sophomore year and TM Jrs during my junior and senior year. Right now I am currently a sophomore in college majoring in Biology with a minor in Marketing. This season was my first year being a coach and overall I loved the experience and I can’t wait to continue my coaching experience for this upcoming year. 
Assistant Coach: Helena Cantu
I am a Santa Fe high school alumni and a 4 year dance team member. While being on the team, it has allowed me to make new friendships and break out of my shell in the best way possible, through dance. Not only was I involved with dance team, but I was apart of Black and Gold Nation, Avid, Chieftain Friends, and the T.E.E.N.S program in Santa Fe Springs. I am currently a sophomore majoring in business at Cal State Fullerton. The 2021-2022 was my first coaching season and I am excited to continue for the next upcoming season :)