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Santa Fe High School

Mrs. Martinez-Lopez's Web Page, Counselor for Alpha Morb-Rojo

Welcome Chieftains!  I am excited about the upcoming school year and look forward to being a part of your high school journey.   As your counselor I am here to guide, encourage and support you.  While we are not physically on campus, I am still here for you and encourage you to reach out to me.  The best way to contact me is by e-mailing me at (remember to use your WUHSD student email account).  You can also schedule an appointment for a phone or Zoom conference.  
Mrs. Martinez Lopez Office Hours are: Monday-Friday, 7:30 am - 3:30pm
First Day of School is Wednesday, August 12, 2020!!
Some General Guidance and College Information may be found by visiting Santa Fe's Guidance Website.  Please use the following link to access general information and to order transcripts: Guidance Page
College, career, and scholarship information can be found by clicking on the following link:  College and Career Center Website
For Mental Health and Wellness resources, please visit the Whittier Union HSD website at: Mental Health Resources
Please note that REMIND has already been set-up for Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores, so if you haven't already, please join my REMIND so I can provide you with valuable updates & information. Beginning August 3, 2020, students are asked to accept the Google Classroom invite emailed  July 2020.
SPECIAL NOTE TO PARENTS: REMIND limits the number of participants. If you are a parent, please ask your student to join and share with you so we ensure that all my students have access to the information. 
Senior Class of 2021 - Text message @mrsmlo2021 to 81010
Junior Class of 2022 - Text message @mrsmlo2022 to 81010
Sophomore Class of 2023 - Text message @khkh3g7 to 81010
Freshman Class of 2024 - Coming Soon!
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