Senior Projects » Phase II: The Presentation

Phase II: The Presentation

CP1 - Google Form
  • The Google Form is a form completed by the student proposing what he/she will write about in the research paper. It is reviewed and approved by the Senior Project Committee.
CP2 - Practice Presentation
  • Students are assigned a date to practice their speech in class.
  • Students are required to dress in appropriate business attire, utilize a multi-media presentation format, and speak for 5-8 minutes.
  • If students fail to meet the requirements for this checkpoint, they must redo their speech on another assigned date or they will not be allowed to present their speeches during Senior Boards.
CP3 - Senior Boards
  • Students present their final speeches to a board of three or more judges.
  • Students are required to dress in appropriate business attire and utilize a multi-media presentation format and speech cards.
  • Speech must meet the minimum requirement of 5 minutes or students will not pass.
  • Students must also complete a 5-minute question and answer period.