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Santa Fe High School

Junior Class

Hello, Chieftains!
I give you all my warmest congratulations on surviving this whirlwind of a year. We are so close to the finish line, and I could not be happier to be able to cross it with you all. AP exams are this month, and I wish all of you the best in your finals and exams. As school is resuming and many of our activities are going back to normal, I am excited to share experiences with you all next year! And for those of you who are graduating, I wish you well on your expeditions after high school.

Although we were all connected through a virtual platform, I have really established closer relationships with you. Being your Junior class President this year has gone by so quick. Still, although it may seem that it is time to say goodbye- I think goodbyes are sad, so I'd much rather say hello.
In that case, HELLO SENIOR YEAR! Let's all make next year a year to remember and finish off strong, Chieftains!

Your Junior Class President,
Elizabeth Salgado
Snapchat : lzbthslgd
Instagram: lzbthslgd