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Santa Fe High School

Junior Class

Hey, Hey, Hey, Chieftains! I hope all of you are testing out new waters and adjusting well to this new school year. Warm greetings to you all! To my Juniors, if you guys don't know me, my name is Julianne Teodoro, your Junior Class President. I have joined ASB to be your class president to dedicate my time and effort to make our junior year special.  I'm a friendly person, don't ever be afraid to come to talk to me or share ideas. I will be very open to any discussions you may have. Remember to do well in your classes and continue to make this an amazing school year. 
Please mark your calendars, so you don't forget. 
This week till homecoming day, you can now purchase your homecoming ticket in the business window: September 20 - October 16. The homecoming dance is on October 16, 2021, from 7 to 10 pm.
Class construction has begun every weekend till October 10 from 9 am till 3 pm (hours may vary). We meet at my house to sketch, paint, and cut our props for the Night Pep Rally!! Try your best to come out to support our class during construction and at the event. Feel free to come and help prepare for our fantastic event. Please scroll down to give me a text for further information and address location. Hope to see you all come out! 
As you have heard before, it is very important to get involved in school events, dances, and games. This is your chance to spiral out and meet new people by helping out and attending all of our events. Being involved will physically help develop and improve your skills. Time flies by, so do as much you can now; you will be walking at graduation before you know it. Overall, coming to these events will shape out your year, making it very enjoyable. By participating, you represent your school and your school spirit during class competitions. These moments will lead to a positive school year and an amazing high school experience!
I wish you all the best of luck, although it will be difficult at times, remember you can get through it! Keep pushing because it will be all worth it in the end since your attitude determines your direction, especially in school. So continue to push yourself and remember to be thankful. The key to success is to have discipline!
Snapchat : julesteodoro22
Instagram : juliannexoxo_
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