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Santa Fe High School

Junior Class

Hey everyone!


I haven’t seen you guys in a while and I hope that you and your family are well. I know for me at least it feels a little weird adjusting to the COVID-19 situation but we all need to make sure to be focusing on the positive and doing our part in helping with this situation. Something  that is helping me is sticking to a schedule. Yes I know that can be very difficult at first but after a few days it becomes easy to follow. I embed my schedule with school work but also time to watch Netflix, take my dog for a walk, and other relaxing activities.I know at times it can feel really boring when you are stuck at home but try doing some activities that you usually do not have time for in your busy schedule like painting, reading a book, or journaling. During this time even though we are practicing social distancing it is still important to stay connected with our friends and our school. Once in a while, FaceTime your buddy, or text them and ask them how they are doing and how they have been adjusting.


It is also important to stay connected with school, you can do this by simply going to the school website and reading all the updates.

While on the school website you can also access your teachers website by clicking staff directory and searching up your teacher to be updated on any work or assignments that may be due. If you are in any need of assistance, the school website is also a great place where you can contact the appropriate staff to assist you. Remember we are all in this together and our Santa Fe community  are all here to support each other and help each other! Santa Fe High School is also offering free lunch between 11-12:30 in the parking lot to anyone 1-18 years old on any day we would normally have school, so if you guys are ever hungry make sure to go take advantage of that. I know we have heard this about a million times but I am going to say it again- make sure you are all washing your hands for at least 20 seconds and practicing social distancing, meaning no going to each other’s houses to hangout. These two small precautions can make a big impact if we all follow them, by following these two simple steps we are doing our part in helping stop the spread of COVID-19. I hope to see you all soon, stay healthy and stay connected. If you guys ever need to talk to anyone feel free to reach out to me! 



Your Junior Class President,

Valerie Melendez 



If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me. 


Snap: Valerrie.m