Junior Class

Hey Juniors,


As we are all giving thanks for another wonderful November, let us recap our events this past month. Starting off, we had a Band Jamboree at Cal High. Thank you to all who came out to support color guard, cheer, and band! Also, thank you to everyone who donated cans to their 2nd period class, as all the food helped many families (shout out to Mrs. Stead’s class bringing in the most cans)! The following event was Santa Fe’s Got Talent and we ended the month with Thanksgiving Break.


General Activities that ASB is planning for December: 

  • 12/5-9  Spirit Week 
  • 12/8  Power 106 game 
  • 12/9  Winter Formal
  • 12/15  Door Decor Contest
  • 12/19-21  FINALS!!
  • 12/21  Semester ends


If you have missed any of our recent dances, night pep rallies or class comps, then I encourage everyone to go to our upcoming dance, WINTER FORMAL! As it would be a great way to release some stress and hangout with friends before the break. Tickets will stop selling Monday December 5th. There is also our Power 106 game on the 8th, where our fellow teachers will be playing a game of basketball against Power 106 with a special guest for the halftime show. Also, don't forget to support our winter sports, join clubs, and participate in other extracurriculars as this is where we make our greatest memories. 


December is the month where we should get our grades up, complete the work we need for our classes, and STUDY FOR FINALS!!! Let's do our best to achieve and create goals that will better ourselves, our peers, and the campus in the long run. Also, a reminder to everyone that Santa Fe as a community should continue to be respectful and mindful of each other. There is always someone here on campus who cares. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our counselors, the serenity center, or any of our administration at any time. Thank you for your continued involvement and spirit at school; let's keep it up!



Your Junior Class President, 


Samantha Verdugo



You can contact me at…

  • Instagram: green.eggs.samv

Email: [email protected]