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Santa Fe High School

Sophomore Class

Hey Chieftains,

We're in May, and let's make the best of the time we have left! One more month until the school year ends, making sure those grades are up, and vibes are positive. Starting the month of May, here we have events for you guys to look forward to.

May 3-7: teacher appreciation
May 10th teacher freestyle
Chieftain news
June1-3 Finals
Make sure to give gratitude to your teachers during teacher appreciation week. Well, as the year ends, this is my last letter to you guys. Thank you all so much for choosing me as your class leader and for being the best. Thank you to all the teachers as well as those who helped me get through this year. I'm forever grateful to be a part of this experience. You guys are the best. Stay positive and stay safe, till next time.
Sincerely your Class President
Samanta Anaya



Snapchat: samyanaya11

Instagram: __samanta.a__