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Santa Fe High School

Sophomore Class

Happy February, Sophomores! 


I'd like to thank you all for your continued participation throughout the school year. We have been in school for almost 7 months, and every month seems to be getting better! Thank you all for your support throughout finals!  

The month of February will be a good one, you won't want to miss these dates…


This month's events:

February 18th: Back to the Future Night Pep Rally 

February 19th: Back to the Future King of Hearts Dance 

February 23rd: Top 100 ceremony 

February 5-7: Lip Sync Tryouts

MC and Backstage Crew Sign Ups

Caught in the Act 


Please join us for our very first Back to the Future Night Pep Rally! Who will be King of the Future? Come and find out February 18th at 7pm in the Mendez Gym. Following our Pep Rally we will be having our Back to the Future King of Hearts Dance! Tickets are available via online or in person. See you all there! 


Entering the month of February has been nerve-wracking, coming from a fellow Sophomore. Entering this new year can be hard but as we all push through we will all see amazing results. Sophomores, We Got This! 


A great way to alleviate some stress is by participating in any events we hold this month! This year seems to be passing by at record speed; you don't want to miss any of our events. The more you participate, the more you will have to remember! 


Thank you for making 2021 such a great year! There are lots to look forward to this semester, so as always, stay happy and healthy, Sophomores!


Your Sophomore Class President,

Kaylie McMillen

You can contact me at…

  • Instagram: kayliemcmillen
  • Snapchat: kaymcmillen

Email: kaylie288@student.w