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Santa Fe High School

Freshman Class

Hey Freshman!!

This is Alex, your co-class president wishing you all a happy February!! I hope you guys have gotten the chance to settle into Santa Fe in the new year and experience events representing our school's awesome culture! Coming back on campus after a year and a half of being at home hasn't been easy. Still, I believe that we have done a great job bringing back the school spirit that we once had before the pandemic, and I thank you all for that!  We appreciate all of your participation and hope you continue to show this throughout February.


This month's events:

February 18th: Back to the Future Night Pep Rally 

February 19th: Back to the Future King of Hearts Dance 

February 23rd: Top 100 ceremony 

February 5-7: Lip Sync Tryouts

MC and Backstage Crew Sign Ups

Caught in the Act 


Make sure to join our ASB google classroom for updates and more information on events this month!! Code: tynilrk


Attention Freshman!! This February 18th , Santa Fe High School will be hosting our very first Back to the Future Night Pep Rally! Filled with performances from cheer, choir, dance and more! All for free! Taking place in the Mendez Gym at 7pm join us as we time travel to the 80s! Following our Pep Rally, we will be hosting our King of Hearts dance in the Mendez Gym from 7pm-11pm. This dance is a chance for EVERYONE to have fun, especially freshman and sophomores!


Finally, I want to remind you guys of how important it is to stay involved! Even though we are freshmen, these 4 years go by in the blink of an eye, and I wouldn't want anybody to feel that they didn't get to experience all they could here at Santa Fe. So, whether it's sports, clubs, or after-school events/activities, I encourage us all to branch out and have fun this year and for the rest of our high school experience! We're already halfway through the year, so let's make this semester a great one! I believe in us, so let's keep a positive attitude and keep pushing.


Also, don't be afraid to contact me if you guys need anything! 


Alex Baeza                                                                                                                Alexis Enriquez

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