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Freshman Class

I hope you are all doing well freshman! The year has been going great so far and we still have a few events you can be part of.
End of the Year Events:
Battle of the Classes      May 1st
Art and Fashion Show    May 16th
Farewell Assembly         May 31st 
Last Day of School         June 5th 
Battle of the Classes
Battle of the Classes is the last big event of the year where our class gets to go in an all out battle against the sophomores, seniors, and juniors. Come with friends to play some competitive games and out shine the other classes!
Our first year of high school is almost over and I hope you all have been having an amazing year. Good luck on your finals and lets end this year with a bang!
One of your Freshman Class President,
Marcus Ochoa
Feel free to contact me through my email:
or contact Chloe at: