Senior Class

Hello Seniors!


I hope these first two months have been enjoyable. To all the seniors feeling a little stressed or overwhelmed due to college applications or anything in general, you will get through these stressful times. Don't give up, and stay true to yourself. Don't ever fear to come up and greet me or share your ideas. I am always open to new ideas. As you may have heard, our theme for the night pep rally is Sandlot Seniors, and I would love to listen to ideas for the night pep rally. So continue to work hard and stay involved in school activities!


Make sure to put these dates in your calendar!

  • 10/19: Night Pep Rally
  • 10/21: Homecoming Assembly
  • 10/21: Homecoming Football Game
  • 10/22: Homecoming Dance


As you may know, Homecoming is right around the corner, and it is one of our best dances! Tickets will be on sale soon, so make sure you go buy them. This is your last year to go to dances, so don't miss the opportunity to have a fun night! I can't wait to see you all there:)


Your Senior Class President, Sadie Ruiz


If you want to contact me or have any questions..