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Santa Fe High School

Expanded Horizons Student Club

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 ***Student E-mail must be used for access***
WHO ARE WE? We are a student club that encourages students to stay in and finish high school; help them attend college so they can better serve their community. We provide students an academic and socially successful high school experience and provide them volunteer and leadership opportunities.
WHAT WE DO? Club members participate in enrichment and educational activities including field trips to high school conferences sponsored by colleges and universities, museums, amusement parks, school related events, fundraisers and theater plays.

HOW TO GET INVOLVED? If you want to get involved all you have to do is come to our bimonthly meetings on Wednesdays in room C-4 at lunch. In addition, you can click on our application link listed above to join our club. 


Club Advisor:

Mrs. Maria Perez

(562) 698-8121 Ext. 4060

Student Officers 2021-2022
Presidents: Maria Acevado & Pricilla Garcia
Vice Presidents: Valeria Medina & Itzel Salcedo
Secretaries: Rosa Loza Trejo
Lizbeth Espinoza
Treasurer: Luna Sofia Romero
Melissa Flores